Alexandre Iseli Works

Alexandre Iseli Works

‘My work, both as a creative artist and as a programme curator, is an agency that channels the invisible complexity of the human being into something perceivable.

Whether I am creating a piece with professional dancers, young dancers, or aficionados, my project is the same: I aim to give a voice allowing individuals to see and express their richness and contradictions, something that dance can do particularly well. This is in itself a political statement that invites to embrace the complexity of each human being.

Each dance artist brings to life a singular, embodied impression of reality, filtered through their perceptions, life experience, and an acutely tuned attention to the relationship between thought process and physical experience.

What matters most to me in dance is the ability to experience, uncover and share, in the purest possible way, the embodied expression of our human nature, embedded as it is in a world of physical realities, relationships, thought processes, history and contradictions.

We aim to provide spectators with opportunities of seeing, feeling, accepting and enjoying the simple pleasure of that singularity, and the essentially unfathomable mystery of alterity.’

–  Alexandre Iseli

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