Fit Misfit

Four dancers, two musicians, from Mexico, Ireland, Argentina, Scotland... trying to match, fit, adapt… and not always quite making it. Concurrentlyhectic and stray, a cheerful encounter between companies Iseli-Chiodi, Lux Boreal (Tijuana), and Cork band Horsemen Pass By. A cinematic music score,tinted with humorous Spaghetti-Western-like ambiances.

Performed in: Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, France, Mexico, USA, Brazil , Peru, Bolivia

Artistic direction: Alexandre Iseli & Jazmín Chiodi
Dance: Ángel Arámbula, Jazmín Chiodi, Raúl Navarro, Humberto Vega
Music: Horsemen Pass By (Daniel Valle & Ross Gillanders)
Lighting design: Henry Torres
Music operator: Alex Iseli

Fit/Misfit is co-produced by: Tipperary Dance Residency, Tipperary Excel Arts
Centre, Iseli-Chiodi Dance Company and Lux Boreal and Compagnie Hors
Commerce – Hélène Cathala
International touring supported by Culture Ireland

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Alexandre Iseli - Tipperary Dance Festival - Choreographer Headshot
Alexandre Iseli
Jazmín Chiodi - Tipperary Dance Festival - Choreographer Headshot
Jazmín Chiodi
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