Tipperary Dance Creates

TD Creates hosts the choreographic work of Alexandre Iseli

Tempo Rubato

In 2023, Alexandre Iseli creates and directs Tempo Rubato, a new dance trio, in collaboration with a creative team from diverse art forms and backgrounds. At the heart of the work is a slow pulse, almost a search for sanity, a form of resistance opposing the breakdown of a world that is witnessing the disruption of its biological, geological and geopolitical paradigms.

Tempo Rubato continues Iseli’s body of practice focused on interactions among people to recover the body as the core of our shared experience, and the complex balance between individual autonomy and collective structures.

Created during a residency at Aristea Litou Dance School in Ioannina, Greece, and at Ballyglass Country House in Co. Tipperary.


Thursday 1 June | 7:30pm: Dance Limerick

Wednesday 28 June | 3pm: The Source Arts Centre, Thurles

Friday 30 June | 7:30pm: Dance Cork Firkin Crane

Saturday 01 July | 7:30pm: Dance Cork Firkin Crane

Thursday 09 November | 7:30pm: Teatro Leal, La Laguna, Tenerife

TD 2023 Associate Artist: Robyn Byrne
Tempo Rubato
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