07-20 October 2022

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Dance at heart

Picture by Alice Brazzit

It’s Tipperary Dance International Festival time.

Let’s meet, with Dance at heart !

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Finding the logic of escape

A few years ago, Bryan O’Connell concluded his review of our piece REVOLVER with this idea: ‘The body finds the logic of escape’.

We have long known that centuries of colonization worldwide have generated violent transcultural boundaries. Now that we seem to finally acknowledge and embrace their devastating impact, we start to understand that they have also set internal walls that define how we perceive alterity. Walls that divide us within our own communities, down to our homes.

At the same time as we attempt to remedy this with policies that aim to make our societies increasingly inclusive, identity-based and border-based withdrawal and polarization seem to become the norm. It looks like we indulge in forms of reasoning that are either totally unhinged (hello conspiracy practitioners) or applied with excessive thoroughness in areas where they have no benefit. Both lead to the same place: an oversimplistic, fallacious view of who we are.

Dance can offer a way out: we are sensitive bodies. We can trust that bodies will perceive and inform us about reality, and provide some form of truth about the world. One that can’t afford to be boiled down to words and square logic.

With Dance at heart, we invite you into a truly inclusive way to look into ourselves, our contradictions, into our human complexity that cannot and will never be reduced to archetypes.

If we are wholehearted and courageous, dance can guide us to find the logic of escape.

Alexandre Iseli, artistic director


Alexandre Iseli
Óscar Mascareñas
Javier Cuevas

Sarah Baltzinger
Isaiah Wilson

Daniel Abreu

Mufutau Yusuf

Róisín Whelan

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Alexandre Iseli
Rocío Dominguez
Óscar Mascareñas

Gaston Core
Sarah Baltzinger
Isaiah Wilson
Alexandre Iseli
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