Roundtable: dance as an agent for change

90 minutes

Dance: a field of action for diversity?

A public discussion where international dance creators, artists and curators bring to the table their reflections and realities regarding the topics of inclusivity and access in the context of dance practice and choreographic creation.
Reflecting on the meaning of inclusion and equality in the current dance landscape, and the possible role of dance as a witness to social change, or as a driving force for change.


What role can dance play in shaping spaces that leave the door open to the experience of the other?

At a time of identity withdrawal and withdrawal within national borders, new spaces are being created for artistic practices. They are shaking up hierarchies, both in artistic terms and in the management of organisations and venues.

Theatres were historically colonised by forms of thought. Today, these practices are being challenged by inclusion policies that bring greater gender balance, and put people of diverse geographical, cultural and professional backgrounds at the head of many institutions.

The dance sector is not immune to the change, shaken up as well, and in search of an identity after having seen many of its definitions called into question, notably by the penetration of street dances and the internet into the heart of practices and institutions.

Today, a multilaterality in dance is emerging. Diversity is not reduced to opening a door to the other, but consists in opening a two-way street.

It is no longer a question of inviting the other to fit into an existing socio-cultural context, but to lay out an open space that accommodates difference in its entirety.

Dance: A laboratory and an opportunity to enrich and celebrate diversity?

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