Jazmín Chiodi

Artistic Director of Dublin Dance Festival since 2021, Jazmin Chiodi is an Argentinian-Irish artist/curator/festival maker living and working since 2008 in Co. Tipperary. On the heels of an international career as a dancer and together with Alexandre Iseli, she embraced her own choreographic work, creating nearly twenty pieces and films and touring on five continents, and initiated the Tipperary Dance programme and International festival in 2008.

Jazmin has curated and programmed 12 editions of the Tipperary Dance International Festival and the annual Tipperary Dance programme. She has provided audiences with cutting edge contemporary dance that have moved boundaries regionally and contributed to the development of dance nationally. Through her work and passion, she develops many connections that link her artistic projects and Tipperary Dance with an extensive international network.

Jazmín Chiodi - Tipperary Dance Festival - Choreographer Headshot
Appearances at  Tipperary Dance

06 Oct

Jazmín Chiodi
Alexandre Iseli
Shane Vaughan
Lucy Dawson
Óscar Mascareñas