40 min.


Turnstile is a live performance and visual arts installation, combining dance, video and original music. Commissioned by Tipperary Museum of Hidden History, in memory of the 1920 events known as Bloody Sunday.
Two dancers enclosed inside a glass cabinet. Video projections of oversized bodies falling into an empty space. The factual numbers of a bloody forensic report becoming the backbone of music composition.
Iseli-Chiodi reflects on our ability to find resilience after violence. This work considers the decay of memory and pays a poetic tribute to the illusory nature of narratives that spin inside the collective unconscious, invading its heart.
Music, film, recorded voices and the flesh of the body weave threads of history, to form a new present-day image. This work enters through a door of memory and spins out through a turnstile of reinterpretation, imagination, and possibility.
Turnstile is an invitation to revisit violent facts and reconstruct a new state of play through the lens of dance. Unraveling the story, taking rudimentary constituents that define the traumatic events. Letting each one of them carry its own significance. Decontextualizing each component from the original narratives. Weaving them into a new scene, a new plot that does not carry the trauma in its heart.

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Artistic direction: Jazmin Chiodi Alexandre Iseli
Performance: Robyn Byrne, Róisín Whelan
Dancers in the videos: Robyn Byrne, Jazmin Chiodi, Alexandre Iseli, Amberlee Toumanguelov
Music: Oscar Mascareñas
Video design & mapping: Lucy Dawson & Shane Vaughan
Technical management, light and video operator: Anthony Hanley
Set construction: Martin Cahill
Line producer: Michelle Cahill
Photography: Alexandre Iseli
Live capture & video editing: Lucy Dawson & Shane Vaughan

Commissioned and funded by Tipperary Museum of Hidden History, funded by Creative Ireland, co-funded by the Arts Council under the Dance Artists in Residency Scheme. Iseli-Chiodi Dance Company is supported by Tipperary County Council Arts Office and the Tipperary Excel Arts Centre. This work is supported by Tigh Roy and the Source Arts Centre. Thanks to Marie MacMahon, Amberlee Toumanguelov, Roy Galvin.

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