SOLO || 48 minutes

This solo dance project proposes a hybrid dance-and-visual arts experience to observe phenomena of traces and dis/continuity, as well as the influence of memory and personal imprint in our conception of self-history and social history. Standing on a barricade, a woman internalises the battle – at the crossroad of proclaimed promises and resistances opposed by the inertia of physical objects and biological bodies.

Presented in: France, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Russia, Tunis

Concepts : Jazmin Chiodi, Martin Mele, Alexandre Iseli
Choreography : Jazmin Chiodi & Alexandre Iseli
Dance : Jazmin Chiodi
Soundscape : Oscar Mascarenas
Visual Artist: Martin Mele

REVOLVER was funded by the Arts Council under the Project Awards scheme, and co-produced by Tipperary Dance Platform //// Creation and production residences: Tipperary Excel Arts Centre, La Salle 3 Montpellier,

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Alexandre Iseli - Tipperary Dance Festival - Choreographer Headshot
Alexandre Iseli
Jazmín Chiodi - Tipperary Dance Festival - Choreographer Headshot
Jazmín Chiodi
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