Rising Voices: The Film

10 minutes (Triple-bill 90 min.)

Part of a triple-bill night with Megastructure, and The Very Last Northern White Rhino

Rising Voices: The Film is a journey that uncovers the encounter between Alexandre Iseli and Derek Pedros, one of Spain's most acclaimed and influential dance film makers. The work was created in collaboration with TD Associate Artist Rocio Dominguez. Between the rituals of the Rising Voices project, and the outdoors of County Tipperary, where Derek Pedros recontextualizes Rising Voices in open spaces.

This work is linked with Iseli-Chiodi’s previous work, Turnstile, specifically created within a typical black box venue. The film relocates Turnstile’s striking set, a large glass box, into the distinctive rural landscapes of Tipperary: the dissonance of this architectural object amid the landscape highlights natural and heritage sites, where the glass box can equally suggest a sense of staging, exhibition and confinement, while emphasising the location.

The box is a museum display case, an isolation box, and an intrusive foreign object in a natural body. The combination of the bodies in a ritualistic bouncing motion, the box and the landscape, emphasises the complex and blurry boundaries between the cultural and the natural, the superficial and the profound.

I am interested in the architecture, the landscapes, the heritage, the climate. Different elements that can confront the dance work with the identity of Tipperary.

I find it equally interesting to incorporate elements of the work developed by the dancers with Rising Voices, and the intervention of the natural/architectural spaces with the central element of your previous piece Turnstile, the transparent box.

Working with the contrast and harmonies between the dance, the artificial geometric character of the box, and the strong visual possibilities offered by Tipperary landscapes.” - Derek Pedros

Warnings: none
Running Time: 10 minutes
Age: all

Artistic Director: Alexandre Iseli
Film Director: Derek Pedros
Assistant Choreographer: Rocio Dominguez
Dancers: Lauren McGonagle, Anja Nicholson, Ben Sullivan,
Musician-Composer: Oscar Mascareñas
Producer: Greta Bourke
Communications: Noelia Ruiz
Coordination: Clodagh McCann

Rising Voices is embedded in a synergy of local and national partnerships including Clonmel Junction Festival, South Tipperary Arts Centre, Dance Ireland and Tigh Roy Ionad Cultúrtha. Supported by the Arts Council of Ireland, Tipperary Excel Arts Centre and Tipperary County Council.


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Derek Pedros - Headshot - Tipperary Dance
Derek Pedros
Rocio Dominguez Portrait Tipperary Dance
Rocío Dominguez
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Óscar Mascareñas
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Alexandre Iseli
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