30 November – 10 December 2022

An artistic, educational, solidarity and international cooperation project initiated and led by the Compagnie Marie Lenfant in Le Mans, France.

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Alexandre Iseli will take part in M.E.R.C.I., a meeting of dance and music, two disciplines that have the ability to bring us together. 16 artists, from Le Mans, France, Morocco, Ireland, Greece and the United States, are invited for ten days to create and share their work, to interact and support each other, so that new works and ideas emerge. M.E.R.C.I. is a project of living together, of Art that connects.
M.E.R.C.I. is movement, with and towards others, to put Art back at the heart of daily life, thinking of the city as an open theatre, as close as possible to the inhabitants, all generations included.

  • Research laboratories in various places in the city.
  • Discovery workshops every evening in the studio of the Compagnie Marie Lenfant.
  • Lunchtime improvisations in the schools of Le Mans and the Sarthe, and evening performances at the Barouf and the Lézard.
  • Convivial moments as well as a final restitution inviting you to cross 3 places of culture.

Jack Ralite used to say: "The neighbour is the one who makes us bigger..." So let's happily increase our numbers.

Marie Lenfant

Production & Coordination: Marie Lenfant, Thierry Mabon, Dorothée Langevin

Dance Artists: Alexandre Iseli (IE), Meryem Jazouli (Mor), Marie Lenfant (Fra), Thierry Mabon (Fra), Thommy Noonan (USA), Anne Marie Pascoli (Fra), Geneviève Sorin (Fra), Murielle Eliezon (USA), Polina Kremasta (Gre), Thenia Antoniadou (Gre), Clint Lutes (Fra), Frederic Werle (Fra)

Music Artists: Clelia Vega (Fra), Paul Peterson (Fra), Thomas Belhom (fra), Pascal Boudet (Fra), Damien Lecoq (Serguei Spoutnik) (Fra), Cédric Thimon (Fra).

Supported by:

Compagnie Marie Lenfant

DRAC des Pays de la Loire

La Ville du Mans

Département de la Sarthe

Région Pays de la Loire

Les Quiconces et L’Espal

Radio Alpa

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