Marie Lenfant

Marie Lenfant works on the humanity of movement. She combines strength and fragility with a determination that pushes her to the greatest artistic audacity. Her dance does not make a fuss about references. It is based on listening and attentive observation of the human being.
She thus avoids the debauchery of movement and looks for the simple singular presence of the bodies that she questions in each of her pieces, by proposing a radically different universe.

The MARIE LENFANT Company has been based in Le Mans since its creation in 1990. It has produced 23 pieces in its 28 years of existence, which it has presented nationally and internationally.
Although it follows existing paths, the Compagnie Marie Lenfant develops new bridges with structures often directed by artistic teams in order to link spaces, teams and audiences, to allow the circulation of its work, as well as that of other teams throughout the world.
It also works to participate in the development of contemporary dance by taking into account the cultural, economic, social and political environment, by sharing its methods of creation and teaching.

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