TD Creates 2022 Rising Voices

April – December 2022

Dublin based dance artist/aerial dance artist, ANJA,  is a recent graduate with a 1st class honours in contemporary dance from the University of Limerick.

She was engaged to be part of Tipperary Dance Creates 2022 Rising Voices after our Open Call in January. Rising Voices is a new experimental interdisciplinary space dedicated to artistic research, creation and professionalisation, with an emphasis on collective work.

Dance research, under the artistic direction of Alexandre Iseli, will be informed by voice practice sessions led by Musician-Composer Oscar Mascerañas, and in close collaboration with Artist-Dramaturg Javier Cuevas.
About her engagement in Rising Voices, Anja says:
"I am excited to join together with dancers of whom I am not familiar with. As I have been working with the same dancers for four years, the prospect of new intentions, ideas, personal energies, is an exciting and enticing feeling for me. I love meeting new people. I am thrilled to be working with Javier and to delve deeper into honing my voice, as a dance artist, I rarely work with voice so this will be a new and thrilling experiment to see the capabilities of my voice alongside the other dancers in this project."



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