Tempo Rubato

Premiere Thursday 1 June 2023 at Dance Limerick

Tempo Rubato is a search for sanity, resisting the breakdown of a world that is witnessing the upheaval of its rhythms.

Stripped of complex production artefacts, Tempo Rubato finds its foundation in simple, structured choreography to put three female dancers at the heart of the matter, in charge. Starting from a single gesture, they gradually embrace a common flow and pulse, to populate space and time with a shared venture where unity is not to the detriment of individuals.

Tempo Rubato continues Iseli's body of practice focused on interactions among people to recover the body as the core of our shared experience, and the complex balance between individual autonomy and collective structures.


Created in close collaboration with the artistic team, in residency at Aristea Litou Dance School in Ioannina, Greece, and at Ballyglass Country House in Co. Tipperary.


Performances in 2023

  • Thursday 1 June | 7:30pm: Dance Limerick
  • Wednesday 28 June | 3pm: The Source Arts Centre, Thurles
  • Friday 30 June | 7:30pm: Dance Cork Firkin Crane
  • Saturday 01 July | 7:30pm: Dance Cork Firkin Crane
  • Sunday 05 November | 3pm & 8pm: Uillinn West Cork Arts Centre
  • Friday 10 November | 7pm: Teatro Leal La Laguna, Tenerife

Choreography: Alexandre Iseli
Choreographic collaboration: Polina Kremasta
Created in collaboration with the Dancers: Robyn Byrne, Rocio Dominguez, Eleni Roberts Kazouri
Music composition: Thomas Belhom
Lighting design: Gearóid O Hallmhuráin
Lighting technicians: Gearóid O Hallmhuráin & Jacob Woulfe
Production manager: Charlie Moloney
Producer: Greta Bourke
Communications: Noelia Ruiz
Coordination: Clodagh McCann
Videography: Shane Vaughan
Photography: Robert Stuckenberg
Design: Nuria Vega Bariani

Residencies: Aristea Litou Dance School, Creo Dance Company, Ballyglass Country House.

Performances at: Dance Limerick, The Source Arts Centre, Dance Cork Firkin Crane, Uillinn West Cork Arts Centre and Teatro Leal La Laguna, Tenerife.

A Tipperary Dance production funded by the Arts Council under the Arts Grant Funding scheme.

Tipperary Dance is proudly funded by The Arts Council, Tipperary County Council and Excel Arts Centre.

Many thanks to: Jazmin Chiodi, Ruth & Liam O’Connor at Ballyglass Country House.

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