DUET || 30 minutes

In the dance duet Dominion, we attempt to expose the body and relationship between protagonists as an explorative territory.

As Robyn Byrne and Daniel Morales, two outstanding dancers with completely different artistic journeys, meet for the first time, two strong individualities are juxtaposed in this side-by-side duet that establishes the basis of a relationship ‘in presence’. One that is not defined by the passional face-to- face of a romantic confusion, but by a form of patient, reciprocal and detached listening, leaving each person with their freedom to perceive and their responsibility to act.

A mesh of palpable connections links bodies, textures, time and place as the performers surrender to invisible arms. Decolonizing their own values regarding meaning, form and relationship, a set of sensitive interaction materialises a human cartography. The eye is invited into a poetic space that tests our ability to shuffle our interpretive deck of cards and possibly see bodies without dominion.

Performances at Danza en Breve (Tenerife) in Teatro La Granja and Teatro Leal.

Concept and artistic direction: Alexandre Iseli
Choreography: Alexandre Iseli, Robyn Byrne, Daniel Morales
Dancers: Robyn Byrne, Daniel Morales

the support of Irish Arts Council, Tipperary County Council, Tipperary Excel Arts
Centre, Teatro Leal, Tenerife LAV. With the collaboration of Centro Cultural El Sauzal,
Espacio La Granja and Teatro Victoria. Iseli-Chiodi Dance Company is supported by
Tipperary County Council Arts Office and the Tipperary Excel Arts Centre. This work
is supported by Tig Roy and the Source Arts Centre.

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