Rising Voices

40 minutes

Rising Voices is a new contemporary dance piece featuring a rising generation of young dancers under the artistic direction of Tipperary Dance Artistic Director, Alexandre Iseli. The Rising Voices project combines creation with professionalisation in an interdisciplinary collaborative process.

A collection of restless ritual attempts, Rising Voices reflects on the place of one’s personal voice within a community, from the initial bodily vibration of the human voice to its intellectual and social expression.

This is an emotionally engaging artwork that expresses the unique beauty of each individual, and their attempt to elaborate collective meaning through a ritual journey that progressively consolidates the bonds of the group.

The project has been informed by voice practice sessions led by Musician-Composer Oscar Mascareñas, and in close collaboration with Artist-Dramaturg Javier Cuevas.

Artistic Director: Alexandre Iseli
Dancers: Lauren McGonagle, Anja Nicholson, Ben Sullivan
Musician-Composer: Oscar Mascareñas
Artist-Dramaturg: Javier Cuevas
Assistant Choreographer: Rocío Dominguez
Producer: Greta Bourke
Communications: Noelia Ruiz
Coordination: Clodagh McCann

Rising Voices is embedded in a synergy of local and national partnerships including Clonmel Junction Arts Festival, South Tipperary Arts Centre, Dance Ireland and Tigh Roy Ionad Cultúrtha. Supported by the Arts Council of Ireland, Tipperary Excel Arts Centre and Tipperary County Council.


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Javier Cuevas
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