Javier  Cuevas

Artist, performer and dance dramaturg.

Curator and Artistic Director in the field of Dance and Contemporary Performing Arts. Artistic Director of TenerifeLAV – Laboratorio de Artes Vivas y Ciudadanía de Tenerife (Performing Arts and Citizenship Lab, Tenerife) and Danza en breve (Teatro Leal La Laguna). Founder and artistic director of Dance Inter Faces Canary Islands (2016-2019), an international platform for dance and contemporary movement practices made in Canary Islands.

President of FECED / National Federation of Dance Companies (Spain).

Council Member – State Dance Council / Ministry of Culture (Spain)

Creations and co-creations:

  • Caro Ceice. Composer and singer. 2005-2010.
  • Gracias (1”) Límites. 2011. First creation project together with dancer a choreographer Acerina Amador. Auditorio Adán Martínde Tenerife.
  • Love is a dog from hell (El amor es un perro que viene del infierno). 2013, Teatro Guimerá, S/C de Tenerife.
  • Hamlet Post Scriptum together with Roberto García de Mesa (Festival Encuentros 2012, Tenerife). Award for Best Performance (Javier Cuevas) Festival Indifestival – Miriñaque (Santander, 2013).
  • Bailarina Lírica. 2016. Co-produced and premiered at the Adán Martín Auditorium in Tenerife in collaboration with the creator and choreographer Sonia Gómez.
  • The Lieder. Festival TNT Tarrasa (Catalunya) together with the mediaturge Sara Serrano.
  • Viviré Aquí. Together with Griselda Layño. Altofest (Malta).
  • Las Alegrías. Together with Paula Quintana. Festival de las Artes del Movimiento de Tenerife, FAM.
  • La Carne. Together with Paula Quintana. Festival Escena Patrimonio (Ibiza 2020) y FAM Festival de las Artes de Tenerife.
  • Esto que tú ves. Together with Paula Quintana. FAM Tenerife.

Dance Dramaturgy and artistic accompaniments:

  • De lo efímero a lo eterno. Isabel Delgado.
  • Awake In The Dream. Carlota Mantecón y Jessi Brett.
  • Live (En Vivo). Carlota Mantecón.
  • Las Alegrías (2019), La Carne (2020) y Esto que tú ves (2021). Paula Quintana.
  • La desnudez (2019), Daniel Abreu y Dácil González.
  • Entre tu y yo (2020), Juan Domínguez y Amalia Fernández.
  • Cuando el bosque avance (2020). Videodance short film directed by Tamara Brito de Heer together with Daniel Abreu, Dácil González, Teresa Lorenzo and Paula Quintana.
  • Oro negro (2021-22). Poliana Lima.

Performer (in others’ works):

  • Himmelweg of Juan Mayorga (2009-2017). Cía Ferroviaria.
  • El delicado y resistente hilo musical (2016-2022). Amalia Fernández.
  • En Construcción II (). Amalia Fernández.
  • Expografía (2019-2021). Amalia Fernández.

His work has been presented in Spain, Brazil, Germany, Argentina, Italy, Algeria, Malta, Norway and South Korea.Spain, Brasil, Germany, Argentina, Italy, Algeria, Malt, Norway and South Korea.


TenerifeLAV – Laboratorio de Artes Vivas y Ciudadanía de Tenerife

TenerifeLAV is the Performing Arts and Citizenship Lab of Tenerife (Canary Islands).

A laboratory for mediation, creation and innovation in Dance, Live Arts and Citizenship that develops artistic creation residencies, social participation and critical thinking in collaboration with Public Administrations and other entities, operating throughout the island territory.

A project based on the utmost attention to collaborative relationships between the Public Administration, artists and citizens; on artistic creation as an agent of change; and on the structuring of the territory through art and on the shared custody of cultural practices and policies as a guarantee of co-responsibility and co-construction of a mature future from leadership and processes of care for the Island.

TenerifeLAV proposes the generation of a shared space of creation-mediation-action around Contemporary Performing Arts as a tool for the design of healthy models of citizen participation in the cultural policies of the Canary Islands through:

  • The promotion of research in performing arts and citizenship in the medium and long term, delving into contemporary languages and practices for the development of a mature and healthy context of critical thought and action.
  • The impact of artistic practice on the island territory as a tool for cohesion, maturation and social well-being, based on the physical and continuous presence of artists in Tenerife, and their real contact with the communities, people and landscapes of the island.
  • The maximum care to artists and their processes from the recognition of their times, spaces and their specific needs for creation, research and contact with the territory. Placing value (symbolic and economic) on the social responsibility inherent to the exercise of their profession and their transforming capacity in their relationship with the citizenship, with special attention to women artists and cultural professionals.
  • The island as a centre (and not as a periphery) for creation, research, thought and social participation in the regional, national and international context. The promotion of multilateral and horizontal exchange relations between other spaces inside and outside Tenerife from the potential of ISLAND as a place for a feminist, dissident and decolonising exchange and learning.
  • The expanded connections between artists and agents, groups and cultural, educational and socio-economic layers of Tenerife. The recognition of the island as a social and cultural laboratory as a result of its past and present history as a frontier, port, passage, retreat, resistance, tension, horizon and mixture. The decentralisation of the island towards the island.


TenerifeLAV has carried out since 2012 more than 400 artistic residencies, 150 national and international co-productions, more than 20 mediation projects with young people and children, mental health groups and fragile communities.

Javier Cuevas Portrait
Appearances at  Tipperary Dance


Alexandre Iseli
Javier Cuevas
Óscar Mascareñas

07th Oct

Alexandre Iseli
Óscar Mascareñas
Javier Cuevas

Residency at Tipperary Dance, supported by our partner Tenerife LAV

Paula Quintana
Xavi Arqué
Javier Cuevas

Anja Nicholson
Ben Sullivan
Lauren McGonagle
Javier Cuevas
Óscar Mascareñas
Alexandre Iseli
Rocío Dominguez

Alexandre Iseli
Óscar Mascareñas
Javier Cuevas
Anja Nicholson
Ben Sullivan
Lauren McGonagle
Rocío Dominguez

Parliament of the Future is a participatory, performative and audio-visual concept that invites young people to imagine and project their knowledge into the future

Javier Cuevas