Spotlight Ireland Video on Demand

This Video On Demand portal is part of the Spotlight Ireland programme. It gives you access to recent works made in Ireland. It includes screendance, pieces performed during Tipperary Dance international festival 2021, along other works performed earlier this year:

  • Monica Muñoz | UP-Close
  • Mary Wycherley | Far-Flung Dances
  • Jazmín Chiodi & Alexandre Iseli | Turnstile
  • John Scott | Dances for Inside and Outside
  • Lucia Kickham | SOLO-ing
  • Tobi Omoteso | Ayè
  • Fearghus Ó Conchúir | Unreeling (work in progress)


The videos will be accessible from the 16 October at 12.00 until the 30 October.

Up Close in Schools - Header Image - 1
Monica Muñoz | 2021

A Tipperary Dance commission for young audiences about friendship, trust and building resilience together.

How are you?
Do you want to play with me?

An energetic dance piece where two strangers meet, connect and celebrate their new friendship. Together they look to the future with hope, optimism and an appetite for life.
Up-close is about trusting each other, building resilience together, and letting go of the past.
Commissioned by Tipperary Dance. This performance is not a public event but part of our Connecting Communities Programme. Find out more here [link to TD Connects Communities Programme]

Choreography by Monica Muñoz in collaboration with the dancers
Dancers: Jack Bain and Matt Szczerek
Composition: Julian Jahanpour
Dramaturgical Support: Claire Mullane

UP-CLOSE is a Tipperary Dance Commission funded by the Arts Council of Ireland under the Arts Grant awards scheme. Additional funding from Baboró Pathways to Production. Supported by Tigh Roy Ionad Cultúrtha.

Far Flung Dances - Header Image - 2
Far-flung Dances
Mary Wycherley | 2020

A Tipperary Dance Commission. A site-specific exploration through dance, movement and film responding to a selection of County Tipperary’s unique and natural environments.

The commission invited a site-specific exploration through dance and movement responding to a selection of natural environments. The work emerged in close relationship with these sites, all of which have been allowed to restore to their native growth and ecologies. A sense of time, place and relationship unfolds as the dancers, environment and filmmaking find their balance together on site. The work negotiates time, scale and terrain while reflecting on ways of seeing, belonging and connecting to our natural world.

The work unfolds in a series of 5 screendance episodes or visual poems, each with their own identity yet all intrinsically linked. The environments and locations in Co. Tipperary remain unnamed and uncredited for now but will be identified as part of the festival’s public workshops for Tipperary communities during the commission’s presentation.

Far-flung Dance has been screened internationally at festivals in the US, Scotland and England since the premier at Tipperary Dance International Festival last year.

Film direction and production: Mary Wycherley
Choreography and film editing: Mary Wycherley
Director of Photography: Raja Nundlall
Dancers: Marion Cronin and Sarah Ryan
Music and sound design: Jürgen Simpson
Assistant camera: Gavin Reilly
Assistant producer: Kristyn Fontanella

Commissioned ‍& ‍produced ‍by ‍Tipperary ‍Dance, ‍funded ‍by ‍The ‍Heritage ‍Council ‍and ‍Creative ‍Ireland. ‍Research ‍and ‍rehearsal ‍space ‍provided ‍by ‍Dance ‍Ireland. ‍Presented ‍in ‍public ‍libraries ‍with ‍the ‍support ‍of ‍and ‍in ‍partnership ‍with ‍the ‍Tipperary ‍Library ‍Service.

Turnstile Iseli-Chiodi - banner
Jazmin Chiodi & Alexandre Iseli | 2021

Turnstile is a live performance and visual arts installation, combining dance, video and original music. Commissioned by Tipperary Museum of Hidden History, in memory of the 1920 events known as Bloody Sunday.

Two dancers enclosed inside a glass cabinet. Video projections of oversized bodies falling into an empty space. The factual numbers of a bloody forensic report becoming the backbone of music composition.

Iseli-Chiodi reflects on our ability to find resilience after violence. This work considers the decay of memory and pays a poetic tribute to the illusory nature of narratives that spin inside the collective unconscious, invading its heart.

Music, film, recorded voices and the flesh of the body weave threads of history, to form a new present-day image. This work enters through a door of memory and spins out through a turnstile of reinterpretation, imagination, and possibility.

Turnstile is an invitation to revisit violent facts and reconstruct a new state of play through the lens of dance. Unraveling the story, taking rudimentary constituents that define the traumatic events. Letting each one of them carry its own significance. Decontextualizing each component from the original narratives. Weaving them into a new scene, a new plot that does not carry the trauma in its heart.

Artistic Direction: Jazmin Chiodi & Alexandre Iseli
Performance: Robyn Byrne, Róisín Whelan
Dancers in the videos: Robyn Byrne, Jazmin Chiodi, Alexandre Iseli, Amberlee Toumanguelov
Original Music: Óscar Mascareñas
Video design & mapping: Lucy Dawson & Shane Vaughan
Technical management, light and video operator: Anthony Hanley
Set construction: Martin Cahill
Line producer: Michelle Cahill
Photography: Alexandre Iseli
Live capture & video editing: Lucy Dawson & Shane Vaughan

Commissioned and funded by Tipperary Museum of Hidden History, funded by Creative Ireland, co-funded by the Arts Council under the Dance Artists in Residency Scheme. Iseli-Chiodi Dance Company is supported by Tipperary County Council Arts Office and the Tipperary Excel Arts Centre. This work is supported by Tigh Roy and the Source Arts Centre. Thanks to Marie MacMahon, Amberlee Toumanguelov, Roy Galvin.

DFIAO - Header Image - 1
Dances for Inside and Outside
John Scott - Irish Modern Dance Theatre | 2021

A cycle of dances, large and small, created for our times, since the beginning of the Pandemic. It is a coming together of eight vastly different and individual dancers in a large space, searching for safe space and trying to be together. They are celebrating life and searching for joy,
despite the limitations of our current reality. Dances for Inside and Outside was made with a consciousness of the situation of social distancing and the limits of bodies being together in an interior space. The work is embodying what we have all been going through and what our reality is now. There is a vital physicality and necessity in how the dancers interact together, mixing joy and fear and trying to be safe. The work continues, we will not be stopped by a Pandemic. This is our response to the current situation.

Choreography: John Scott
Lighting Design: Gearóid Ó Hallmhuráin
Dancers: Diarmuid Armstrong, Kevin Coquelard, Conor Thomas Doherty, Minte Getachew Wolde, Dylan Holly, Sebastiao Kamalandua, Rebecca Reilly, Sarah Ryan
Filmmaker: Luca Truffarelli
Photography: Ewa Figaszewska
Music: BLACKFISH (JG Everest and Joel Pickard) | Sixty Forty by Nic
Assistant choreographer: Muirne Bloomer
Costumes: Justine Doswell, Luna Hosty
Production manager: Rob Furey
Stage manager: Mags Mulvey
Company manager: Greta Bourke
Covid compliance officer: Kevin Smith

Proudly supported by The Arts Council of Ireland, Dublin City Council, Dance Ireland

Lucia Kickham - Masterclass - Header - 1
Lucia Kickham | 2021

Independent artistic endeavours can be solitary, taxing and even overwhelming, and that's before getting into the studio to start the creation. What happens when we share the challenges of such a creative process? A shared space, physical and otherwise, can become a place of connection, of support, of motivation, allowing our vulnerabilities to flow and doubts to subside.

SOLO-ing explores how different sensibilities can sit beside each other, intersect, overlap, contradict or hold each other up. Intertwining these explorations, SOLO-ing presents tales of embodied imagination and personal storytelling in dance.

Performers: Lucia Kickham and Marion Cronin
Collaborators: Marion Cronin Nerea Gurrutxaga Maria Mercedes Flores Mujica

Performed and filmed at Tipperary Dance international festival 2021.

Kindly supported by the Arts Council of Ireland, Tipperary Dance Platform and Grand Studio Brussels

Tobi Omoteso - banner
Tobi Omoteso | 2021

A Tipperary Dance commission. Exploring Personal Insight to a state that examines what it means to exercise self-government and sovereignty over one’s territory: Body, Soul and Environment. We use this opportunity to dive into the known unknown, asking questions hoping not for an answer but for a response - using Street dance, Voice and Music to aid proposing these questions.

Choreographer: Tobi Omoteso
Performers: Tobi Omoteso, Sly Sode
Musicians: Jacob Wolfe, Jared Nadin

Performed and filmed at Tipperary Dance international festival 2021.

Commissioned by Tipperary Dance, funded by the Arts Council of Ireland under the Arts Grant awards scheme

Unreeled l - Fearghus Ó Conchúir copie
Unreeling (work in progress)
Fearghus Ó Conchúir | 2021

Dancing to connect so that solitary isn't lonely. Out of isolation, Fearghus dances a solo to connect, to show the connections that we're made from, that sustain us, and to welcome the connections that will help us grow. He's dancing so that solitary isn't lonely.

Choreographer and performer: Fearghus Ó Conchúir
Composer: Hauschka for Alexandra Waierstall – with permission of Alexandra Waierstall.

Performed and filmed at Tipperary Dance international festival 2021.

Thank you to the friends, peers and mentors who’ve accompanied me, mostly remotely, as this choreography unfolded.
I’m dancing to acknowledge my place in these networks of support and interdependence

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