Tipperary Dance Residencies

Residencies in Tipperary, Luxembourg, Brussels, Münich, Tenerife

Every year Tipperary Dance provides a series of residencies in Ireland and abroad to nurture and stimulate the ongoing development of dancers’ professional skills, while providing opportunities for interconnection and community-building among dance artists.

TD’s residencies take place in the context of several programmes, including TD ASSOCIATE ARTIST, TD COMMISSIONS, the TD INTERNATIONAL residencies exchange programme, our participation in the National Dance Residency Partnership, residencies allocated to our associate artist and others.

Lisa da Boit (Grand Studio Brussels) in Residency at Tipperary Dance
Sara Reyes (Tenerife LAV) in Residency at Tipperary Dance
Magdalena Hylak and Lionel Kasparian in Residency at TROIS C-L Luxembourg
Sarah Baltzinger & Isaiah Wilson – Residency at Tipperary Dance
Roísín Whelan
Lucia Kickham Residency at Tantendenz Münich
Rocio Dominguez Residency at Tenerife LAV
Rocío Dominguez Residency at Tipperary Dance
Eléonore Bovet & Clara Imhoff Residency at TD
Robyn Byrne
Paula Quintana & Xavi Arqué (Tenerife LAV)
National Dance Residency Partnership
Justine Doswell Residency at Grand Studio, Brussels
Isabella Oberländer Residency at TROIS C-L, Luxdemburg