Rocío Dominguez

15-30 September 2022

In partnership with Tenerife LAV


During her residency in TenerifeLav, Rocio will continue the process of creating her first solo piece Many Mes, with the collaboration of dancer Lucia Roccia.

Many Mes explores the constant search for the culmination of a rite of passage. Rocio immerses herself in the ideas of mourning and uprooting, and investigates a space of no-time. In this space, the dancer is trapped in an attempt to conclude the rite, in order to move on to the following step. Many Mes is one of three productions in the series that the artist calls Steps Towards Myself, which includes works in different formats.

In Many Mes, Rocio has the collaboration of music composer Ingrid Bocek, visual artist Ross Ryder, with whom she explores the possibility of conceiving hologram effects within the scene, and dancer and choreographer Araceli Marquez, who participates in the construction of the dramaturgy of the work, and contributes a valuable external view.

The Residency takes place in Teatro Leal, San Cristobal de La Laguna, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

What Rocío says about her residency:

"I am very excited about the opportunity to continue my work in Teatro Leal, which will conclude with an open showing of the work in progress. Having a dedicated space and time to create is incredibly valuable when exploring your first steps as a choreographer, even more so when it is within the space of a beautiful theater such as Teatro Leal, where I will be able to dig into my work in a focused manner. I am deeply grateful and elated by the possibility to connect with new collaborators abroad, and open new perspectives in my approach to work."

This work is supported by the Arts Council of Ireland, Dance Ireland, Tipperary Dance and TenerifeLav.

In partnership with Tenerife LAV

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