Magdalena Hylak and Lionel Kasparian in Residency at TROIS C-L Luxembourg

23 January – 4 February 2023

Magdalena and Lionel's residency at TROIS C-L takes place from January 23 to February 4 2023, including a performance at 3 du Trois

They will be working on A DANCE, a site specific, non-story based and improvised performance, which invites the audience to a new form of ritual made from repetition, high physicality, loudness, sound glitches and noises.

A DANCE is conceived as a short and powerful proposal to be inserted between a larger programme/ festival, preferably to be shown in an unconventional space.

A DANCE is an ongoing artistic research through raw movement and sound that translates into public performances, where both artists explore the relationships and tensions between public-personal, inside-outside, visible- invisible.

Watch an excerpt here

CAST: Magdalena Hylak - Movement & Lionel Kasparian - Sound

Photo Credits: Jacek Snochowski and Avi Ratnayake

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Magdalena Hylak by Avi Ratnayake
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