Tipperary Dance Pro Development

Resourcing artists and the dance sector

TD PRO DEVELOPMENT is a series of initiatives dedicated to nurture and stimulate the ongoing development of dancers’ professional skills, while providing opportunities for interconnection and community-building among dance artists. TD PRO DEVELOPMENT works in conjunctions with our residencies programmes to support artists both in their training and in the development of their artistic work.

TD PRO DEVELOPMENT opportunities include masterclass programmes, bursaries, laboratories, and the National Dance Residency Partnership (NDRP).

NDRP is an initiative between Dance Ireland, Dance Limerick, Firkin Crane, Galway Dance Project and Tipperary Dance to provide a networked support to choreographers in the production of new dance work. By coming together, the partners acknowledge that our collective infrastructure and resources can go further and encourage more ambition in the dance sector.

Michael McEvoy photo by Neil Hainsworth
TDIF Open Call National Dance Platform 2023 IG copy-1 (1)
NDRP Open Call 2023 (square)
Sara Reyes_Diamantes VOLII _1200
Queen of the Meadows by Robyn Byrne
Magdalena Hylak and Lionel Kasparain. Photo Credit: Avi Ratnayake
Rising Voices 1200x1200
Rocio Dominguez Portrait Tipperary Dance Associate Artist
Rocio Dominguez Portrait Tipperary Dance Associate Artist
Robyn Byrne Residency at Tipperary Excel Arts Centre
TD Creates Laboratory - Main Image - Tipperary Dance - 1200x1200
Rocio Dominguez Portrait Tipperary Dance