Robyn Byrne TD Associate Artist 2023

Jan – Dec 2023

We are delighted to announce TD 2023 Associate Artist, Robyn Byrne.

Robyn is a contemporary dancer and emerging choreographer working across theatre, film & dance. She was the 2022 National Dance Residency Partnership artist, which saw her supported through the five major contemporary dance organisations across Ireland: Dance Ireland, Dance Limerick, Firkin Crane, Galway Dance Project and Tipperary Dance.

Robyn has previously performed in Tipperary Dance works Miss Orbit, Dominion and Turnstile.

What Robyn has said about her appointment:

"I’m really looking forward to the year ahead as Tipperary Dance Associate Artist. I have always admired the work of TD, they’ve created an invaluable space to nurture and support the creativity of Irish artists whilst also striving to connect and share the work in Ireland internationally. It’s inspiring to be a part of that.

This year, I will continue working on 'Queen of the Meadows', a project I began in 2022 which was initially supported through the National Dance Residency Partnership and the Arts Council Dance Bursary Award.

As I continue to take steps forward as an emerging choreographer, it’s comforting to have the guidance and experience of Alex and TD to support me."

Robyn will be performing as a dancer in Alexandre Iseli's new work, Tempo Rubato. She will enjoy two residencies as part of our Pro Development and International Programmes. She will also get a bursary for the Masterclass Programme during Tipperary Dance International  Festival.

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Robyn Byrne
Robyn Byrne
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