Tipperary Dance Connects

Connecting communities

Our communities are at the heart of Tipperary Dance. We aim to empower their voices by connecting them and with them. TD Connects brings the joy of dance to everybody with a creative community outreach programme of activities tailored for the young and not so young.

Each year, TD Connects commissions a dance artist to lead a series of creative workshops in schools and community groups across Tipperary County, resulting in a collective artistic creation. With a focus on inclusivity, participants are encouraged to freely explore, learn and create in a collaborative environment that supports and enhances their inner creativity.

In 2023, Tipperary Dance commissioned contemporary dancer, teacher and artivist Mia DiChiaro to direct and deliver the TD Connects programme.

UNBOUND Festival on 09 June was the culmination of this process. The day included workshops for children led by Selma Daniels, live performances by 3rd and 4th class pupils of Gaelscoil Aonach Urmhurmhan and the Age in Movement ensemble, and dance films ‘TRIBE’ by Alexandre Iseli and Jazmin Chiodi and ‘Meadow’ by Mary Wycherley.

The afternoon included the launch of Tipperary Dance’s newly commissioned photographic exhibition, MAKING SPACE, a collaboration between the Age in Movement ensemble, photographer Noel Shelley and dance artist Mia DiChiaro.


In September and October, dance artist Rocio Dominguez will direct weekly creative dance workshops and several intensive sessions with one group of primary school children and one group of transition year students in Tipperary Town. She will collaborate with Jairo Alvarez, photographer and visual artist, to create props and a stop-motion animation film.

Participants will be able to free their thoughts, connect with their bodies, unleash their creativity and have fun! The workshops will favour mental and physical engagement, generate well-being, and have positive effects on flexibility, strength and coordination. Sharing, caring and enjoyment are our core values.” – Rocio Dominguez

MH_1 by Jacek Snochowski
Jairo Alvarez
Age in Movement picture 2 Noel Shelley
Mia DiChiaro 1200
Roisin Whelan - Galaxy - Square - Tipperary Dance Festival 2022 - Photo by Michael McEvoy
Own Grown Moves Tipperary Dance
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