Tipperary Dance Connects

Connecting communities

Our communities are at the heart of Tipperary Dance. We aim to empower their voices by connecting them and with them. TD Connects brings the joy of dance to everybody with a creative community outreach programme of activities tailored for the young and not so young.

Each year, TD Connects commissions a dance artist to lead a series of creative workshops in schools and community groups across Tipperary County, resulting in a collective artistic creation. With a focus on inclusivity, participants are encouraged to freely explore, learn and create in a collaborative environment that supports and enhances their inner creativity.

In 2023, Tipperary Dance is delighted to commission contemporary dancer, teacher and artivist Mia DiChiaro to direct and deliver the TD Connects programme.

Mia DiChiaro TD Connects 2023
The Galaxy of Occupations – Festival Perfos
Parliament of the Future
Age in Movement
Dance in Schools