Age in Movement

March – May 2022

Ailish Claffey will conduct 16 one hour-long workshops with a group of senior female citizens (65+) from the Nenagh Area. The group will follow a creative process culminating in a short live piece: Re-Set (working title) that will also be shown at The Age in Movement Fest hosted by Nenagh Arts Centre.

Re-Set (working title)

“This live performance co-created with the group will use improvisation in addition to a set score. Together we will set rules for the performance. The idea is to use the older women’s life experience and capacity for improvisation and multitasking within the creation process as well as on the stage. I am curious how the women will respond to such a task and as an audience member I wish to see older women taking the stage and owning it. This performance will provide these brave women with this opportunity.”

A. Claffey

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Ailish Claffey
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