31 May 2022

Artistic direction and curation: Ailish Claffey

31st May 2022

A sharing of dance work created as part of Tipperary Dance Connects Communities, in collaboration with St. Mary’s Primary School and Tipperary Dance Age in Movement group.

Our communities are at the heart of Tipperary Dance.

We aim to empower your voices by connecting you and with you. TD Connects brings the joy of dance to everybody with a programme of activities tailored for the young and not so young.

Each year, TD Connects commissions a dance artist to lead creative workshops across Tipperary County, resulting in a collective artistic creation. With a focus on inclusivity, participants are encouraged to freely explore, learn and create in a collaborative environment that supports and enhances their inner creativity.

This year we engaged dance artist Ailish Claffey, who has been working for 14 weeks with 3rd and 4th class pupils of St. Mary’s Primary School, and Tipperary Dance Age in Movement group.

These weekly sessions have culminated in a dance film with St. Mary's students, and a new performance piece with the Age in Movement participants. We look forward to sharing these and other performance surprises with audiences as part of this event.


May 31st Free Event (Pre-booking required)


Ticket 1: 

11am-12pm Open Dance Workshop for adults

Dance workshop. Adults of all ages and experiences welcome. Maximum capacity 12


Ticket 2:

1pm-2pm Performative Event featuring dance showcases:

Carnival of Friendship’ | Dance film features 3rd and 4th class pupils of St. Mary’s Primary School

Rouse. Reset.’ | New performance work created with participants of Tipperary Dance Age in Movement group

Special guests: Dance artists, Selma Daniel and Kate Haughton



Produced by Tipperary Dance

Proudly funded and supported by The Arts Council, Tipperary County Council, Excel Arts Centre and Nenagh Arts Centre


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Ailish Claffey
Ailish Claffey
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