Ages in Stages

6 Sept – 26 Oct 2023

Ages in Stages is a series of workshops directed by dance artist Rocio Dominguez and photographer and visual artist Jairo Alvarez that will result in a unique stop-motion animation film. The participants include primary school pupils from Gaelscoil Thiobraid Árann and a group of transition year students from St. Ailbe's School in Tipperary Town.

Participants will be able to free their thoughts, connect with their bodies, unleash their creativity and have fun! The workshops will favour mental and physical engagement, generate well-being, and have positive effects on flexibility, strength and coordination. Sharing, caring and enjoyment are our core values.” – Rocio Dominguez

Ages in Stages aims to:

  • Increase access to dance
  • Bring people together to create community
  • Create an opportunity for people to use their imagination, stimulate creativity and focus on the here and now
  • Generate a space for children and adults to experiment being creators and dancers at the same time
  • Have fun!


This project has received funding as part of the Creative Ireland programme with support from Tipperary County Council. In partnership with Creative Places Tipperary Town. 



Project direction, dance mentoring and choreography: Rocio Dominguez
Visual artist, video, video edition: Jairo Alvarez
With the Children form Gaelscoil Thiobraid Arann
Producer: Greta Bourke
Communication: Noelia Ruiz
Community liaison: Leisa Grey

A Tipperary Dance Production. This project is funded by Creative Ireland with the support of Tipperary County Council, in partnership with Creative Places Tipperary Town


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