Dance in Schools

March – May 2022

In 2022, Ailish Claffey will impart 32 workshops in St Mary’s Convent School in Nenagh towards the creation of a dance-film that will be screened during our intergenerational event, The Age in Movement Fest, hosted at Nenagh Arts Centre.

The project will creatively engage with the children involved, culminating in the creation of a new dance-film: Would you Rather... *

I will work with the children and together we will create a dance film that attempts to capture the immediacy, fear and excitement experienced within this age group playing games such as ‘truth or dare?’ and ‘would you rather...’ Within this work we will traverse that fine line between embarrassment and courage, cringe-worthy and brave. As a group we will physically explore and embody both sides and collectively decide on the level of exposure that the group feels comfortable with portraying on screen.” A. Claffey


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