APEX by Magdalena Hylak & Lionel Kasparian

3 – 15 October 2023

Commissioned by Tipperary Dance as a work for young audiences, APEX is a short dance piece by Magdalena Hylak with composer Lionel Kasparian.

APEX explores the notion of perceiving the world through and to extremes. By playing with highly physical movements, noises and loudness, Magdalena brings her experimental approach closer to young audiences.

APEX gives them the opportunity to ‘meet’ dance and music in a very particular way, engaging with them where they are, in their extreme way of experiencing the world.


This show will be presented in a series of performances in Tipperary schools during Tipperary Dance International Festival 2023.


Photo Credit: Jacek Snochowski

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Lionel Kasparian
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Magdalena Hylak
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