January 2022

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Photo Credits: Root by Saeed Hani. Dancers: Amberlee Toumanguelov, Hannah Scully, Anja Nicholson. Photo: Alexandre Iseli

Open Call: Residency

April 2022

Open Call for a Two-Week Residency in Grand Studio, Brussels, 25 July – 07 August 2022. This residency is addressed to mid-career dance artists with experience in the creation and dissemination of their own work and a demonstrated track record of a minimum of five years of professional activity. 

Application deadline: 23 April 2022

We are Hiring

January 2022

Tipperary Dance is looking to engage a Creative Producer to contribute to the new phase of our journey under the artistic direction of Alexandre Iseli.

Greta Bourke 500x600

Greta Bourke appointed Creative Producer

April 2022

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Greta Bourke as Tipperary Dance Creative Producer. Welcome to the TD team!

Open Call

January 2022


Words From  our people
Artistic Development Highllghts
June 29, 2022
Rising Voices Ben 22/06

What else would I do. What other option is there?

I desire.

I desire heartbreak, reprieve, recognition.

Simple. Gore. Heal. Ready, again.


June 2, 2022
After a start, 01/06, Javier

Road, conversation, points of view, coincidences, resonances, desires.

A collection of tasks, stolen and invented practices.

Almost brand new bodies, curious minds, a life ahead.

Thinking in Spanish, speaking in English, dancing in all languages.

A sound to start a movement.

To clean the world, to be a filter, to emit a long and luminous note.

Muting judgement, awakening attention, many tasks at the same time.

Roy’s place, multiple dimensions.

Taking time for materials to arise.

Telepathy all the time.

The body wide open.

A note for a hole.

Warming the orifices, making the skin vibrate, getting to know the other with the mouth, assimilating with the ears, looking for support, moving the chords.

To find without searching.

To know each other in the wondering.

To wish to know.

Not to desire, not to produce, not to expect anything.

To displace beliefs, to find oneself.

A rigorously updated pattern for total freedom.

Who am I in this context?

The things I do before I think.

Refreshing the tasks.

Tuning the silence.

Laughter like fouettés, like Dervishes, like shooting stars falling from the void into the void.



A space for transmission and care.

For eroticism.

For humour.

And the colored girls go “Doo do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do…”

It’s my party.

And I cry if I want to.

And Ravel’s bolero.


May 11, 2022
Rising Voices Artistic Statement

Rising Voices is driven by the urge to ‘give people a voice’. Rising Voice embraces Voice as both the vehicle and the content of expressive forms, the activator and reflector of body states.
The RV project will embark on a journey exploring Voice from its initial bodily vibration to its intellectual and social expansion.
The body is placed at the source of a process of embodied experimentation, awareness and conceptual formulation: experimenting to find a personal voice. Finding a personal voice to develop an artistic voice. Bringing this artistic voice into the social arena to express a civic voice.

The theme will be explored from three viewpoints, through the specific expertise of each of the artistic collaborators:

1. INNER VOICES AND MOVEMENT RELEVANCE: under the guidance of Alexandre Iseli. Exploring and understanding how to initiate and connect dance movement with a genuine impetus. Initiating gestures and shapes from a place that generates empathy and impacts audiences, to build together a sensitive, interconnected and relevant approach to dance movement language.

2. VOICE IN MOVEMENT: under the guidance of composer and voice specialist Oscar Mascareñas, using the physical vibration and articulation of the voice to put the body in motion. Working on relationships between voice and movement to create a deep level of attention to self, maintaining that connection into the dance movement.

3. SOCIAL. Dramaturge and community practitioner Javier Cuevas will contribute to the metabolise the outcome of the dance & choreographic practice into awareness and words, helping to extract the interpretative layers and to elaborate critical thinking. This is necessary to formulate and clarify the artistic discourse of the work.

By deeply rooting each participant in the project, this process looks to create a space of shared value, a source of meaningfulness, immediately perceptible in the work.

Rising Voices will produce an emotionally engaging artwork that will fully express the unique beauty of each individual voice.