Eléonor Bovet

Eléonore Bovet is a dancer and choreographer based in Munich. She graduated in 2017 from Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance Munich and was awarded by the Iwanson-Sixt Stiftung the Residenz-Preis for exceptional artistic achievement as a young choreographer by Jessica Iwanson.

Eléonore artistic need is to explore topics such as gender, social interactions, sexuality and identity. She critically reflects on beliefs and power systems and likes to base herself on actual scientific and philosophical research, whilst mixing it with her personal experience. Her queer identity is a big portion of her work and she often directs her research under a queer point of view. Open to use every form of art needed to express her ideas, dance and movement are always part of her practise: She cherishes the body’s strong instinctive power and its unability to hide emotions. Therefore, improvisation and theatricality are a big part of her movement research. Eléonore’s recent choreographic works are (Zw)Einsamkeit in collaboration with Anima Henn and Glasshouse, co- created with Wiebke Dobers. She danced for choreographers such as Anna Konjetzky, Katja Wachter and David Russo. Eléonore is also an active member of the platform for freelance dancers TanzQuelle initiative Munich since 2018.


Eleonore Bovet Portrait by Nicholas Crepea
Appearances at  Tipperary Dance

Residency at Tipperary Dance, supported by our partner Tanztendenz

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Eléonore Bovet