Paula Quintana

Paula Quintana has established herself as a contemporary artistic creator whose oeuvre has found a niche of its own within Spain’s ‘novel creation’ arena, with huge international projection too. 

The aim in each project is to configure a 360-degree artistic universe that is the result of intense research and rehearsal work, producing genuinely original forms and evolutions, tailored to each particular performance. Which enshrines multiple levels of interpretation and significance, so as to enrich and broaden the audience’s connection with the performance. May it establish a dialogue with our different layers of awareness: from that born from our capacity of critical observation, to the deeper, visceral, more empathetic comprehension that unites us as human beings. May it lead us to reflect on a time – on these times – in which we ourselves are its inhabitants, and to which we have committed fully. 

Born in Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain) she has been practicing classical, contemporary dance and flamenco since early childhood. After getting a degree in Dramatic Arts, she moved to Madrid where she continued her training as an actress and dancer, studying and working together with important directors, dancers and choreographers. 


Taking as my starting point performing arts creation, what interests me is hybridising styles and techniques to multiply layers of language and meanings, creating a link with the audience at different levels, intellectual and visceral, with a firm commitment to the context in which we are living and the search of genuine forms and approaches, to serve each particular project. In much the same way, I implement the material in different exhibition formats and shared practices. 


Artist in residence in Graner – Barcelona 2022
Grantee artist European Performing Science Night 2021
Artist in residence Teatro de la Abadia- Madrid 2021
Artist ART FOR CHANGE de Fundacion La Caixa 2020 

  • Grant Award “Fonds de Dotation Porosus” para “CAMPING ́19” de creación contemporánea en el Centre National de la Danse (CND) Paris – 2019
  • First Prize Réplica de las Artes Escénicas Canarias a Mejor Interpretación por “Las Alegrías” – 2019
  • First Prize Certamen Mujer Creadora Contemporánea por “Sueño3” , fest. Costa Contemporánea – 2016
  • Special Prize Mejor artista/creadora Emergente por “Latente” . Feria Internacional Umore Azoka de Leioa, Vizcaya – 2015
  • Second Prize festival DeUnaPieza, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, por “El Eco” – 2012
  • 4 nominations to Premios Max de las Artes Escénicas 2020 (Max Awards of Performing Arts) for “Las Alegrías”
  • 2 nominations to Premios Max de las Artes Escénicas 2016 (Max Awards of Performing Arts) for “Latente”
  • Artist in residence at Centro Coreográfico Canal de los Teatros del Canal de Madrid, 2016 / 2019 
Paula Quintana Portrait Tipperary Dance International Residence