Spotlight Ireland Forum

2 hours 30 mins

Radical Flow: What Place Does Your Work Come From?

Chaired by Mary Nunan

Panellists: Silvia Albanese, Nicola Galli, Alexandre Iseli, Monica Muñoz, Saeed Hani


During the forum the notion of ‘place’ will be discussed from a number of different perspectives. Place and its connection to space: personal, social, ethical, creative, conceptual, cultural and practical; and place and its connection to source: the roots through which impulses can flow.

It will include consideration of current dancer-led models of practice that have been shaped by awareness of, and sensitivity to, the above themes. Focusing specifically on practices that are not limited to the production of artifacts (pieces) but include the overall process of ‘doing’ in its entirety: movement research, choreographic processes, creative exchanges, festivals, workshops, mentorships, organisational developments, etc.

Asking how these practices, places and spaces function as carriers of specific values, while recognising their vital role as ‘practical laboratories for civic reflection and exchange’ (Alexandre Iseli). And at the same time recognising the challenge for artists of holding the ground of their own - or their organisations’- core values in the face of institutional pressures.


Booking is mandatory.
In order to attend the forum, due to the latest official regulations, you must present either a valid COVID-19 vaccination certificate, or a certificate that they recovered from COVID-19 (dated) after the 10 April 2021.

In collaboration with 18M8L – a project supported by Boarding Pass Plus 2021-2022.

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Silvia Albanese portrait
Silvia Albanese
Alexandre Iseli - Tipperary Dance Festival - Choreographer Headshot
Alexandre Iseli
Mary Nunan - Tipperary Dance Festival - Choreographer Headshot
Mary Nunan
Monica Muñoz - portrait
Mónica Muñoz
Nicola Galli - Tipperary Dance Festival - Choreographer Headshot
Nicola Galli
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Saeed Hani
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