International Screendance - Programme 1

Running time: 80 mins


This screendance programme invites us to expand our senses, discover artists from around the globe, and enter into the excitingly diverse creative universe of dance choreography reconstructed through the lens of film. The nominated films are competing for audience award and best film award.

2021 Judges: Derek Pedros, Cathy Coughlan

Screendance 1 - 1 - Void

Void explores ideas of psychological entrapment as a solitary figure, dancer Erin O'Rourke journeys through her psyche – a labyrinthine staircase as signifier of a journey. Repetition in the architecture provided the impetus for moments of déjà vu as multiple selves emerge.

Choreographer: Claire Marshall
Film Maker: Claire Marshall
Producer: Claire Marshall

Screendance 1 - 2 - Belia

A young woman and her friends join a car repair shop as “Belia”(colloquial Egyptian for apprentices) to learn the craft from the Ustas (craft headmasters). They explore what this relationship creates as it merges labour with everyday life rhythms to open up a new space for movement.

Choreographer: Eman Hussein
Film Maker: Eman Hussein
Producer: MAAT For Contemporary Art Production

Screendance 1 - 3 - Marian

Marian is a short experimental dance film inspired by the works of contemporary, Irish, female artists. It's a collaboration between the two makers Rachel and Gerard, exploring our maternal lineage, hair, the Catholic imagery of our childhoods, farm life, 90's punk girlbands, decay, domestic realities and the secrets passed from one generation of Irish women to the next.

Choreographer: Rachel Ní Bhraonáin
Film Maker: Gerard O'Keeffe
Producer: Rachel Ní Bhraonáin

Screendance 1 - DarLand - 1
Dar / Land
United States

A singular young man struggles to imagine a perfect world in this experimental dance film that blurs the line between reality and dystopia. Shot on 16mm in an abandoned denim factory in Rome, Georgia, the work leans into themes of disuse and abandonment through the analog film medium, the apocalyptic location, and the personal history of the soloist.

Choreographer: Andrea Knowlton
Film Maker: Andrea Knowlton & Philip Knowlton
Producer: DANCE AEGIS & Opposit Content

Screendance 1 - Brids - 1

Birds is a short digital choreographic piece conceived and directed by John Degois. With this piece he tries to transpose live performance into film. Choosing to make a one sequence shot in order to keep the notion of "live"; slow motion allows the spectator to have time to watch closely what they choose. It also to break conventional perspective by not necessarily centering the main action in the middle of the frame.

Choreographer & Filmmaker: John Degois

Screendance 1 - 6 - In Media Res
In Media Res

A human shadow wakes up in the middle of a giant empty factory, at the foot of a monolith that reflects his silhouette endlessly. He has makeup against facial recognition, he's playing with a huge bug in the video surveillance system.

**All is live : only video larsen, no VFX, mastershot, only one performance"

Choreographer: Anthony VALON & Lorenzo Dasse|
Film Maker: Anthony VALON
Producer: Anthony VALON (production company : Kid A)

Screendance 1 - Header Image 2

This film was made in a living room in 7 days through Rosanna Gamson/World Wide's Decameron Residency. All coloring in the film was created during filming by placing different coloured lighting gels in front of the lens of the camera and not through lighting or in post-production.

Choreographer & Filmmaker: Bret Easterling
Produced by: BE MOVING

Screendance 1 - The Bait - 1
The Bait

Three characters are carried away in a frantic race. They will fight to win... But for what? What if all this was just a decoy? This dance film transposes into our contemporary world the ancestral fable of Jiang Gong, humble fisherman and great strategist of the Zhou dynasty, whose catches were caught without bait. A universal story about the loss of identity, the abandonment of oneself and the renunciation of free will.

Choreographer & Filmmaker: Chenglong Tang
Produced by: Huang JUN, Siyang FU, Anna ALEXANDRE

Screendance 1 - 9 - exaltation
экзальтация (exaltation)

A dance film about the gradual awakening of spirit and soul. About the emergence of sentience. About being — gradually ripping away from a primitive state. Discovery through gradual grasping and exploration. The Self evolving into self-consciousness. Aware of a higher order — no longer bound by the instinctive programming of the environment. Exaltation

Choreographer: Christopher Hill
Film Maker: Sam Asaert
Producer: Sam Asaert

Screendance 1 - 10 - Gloria

Famous New York choreographer, GLORIA!, is at Greenwich Dance ready to direct her first dance film, Disco Inferno. And Sarah ….. is running late!

On her way to star in the dance film, Sarah stumbles across some curious happenings.

Choreographer: Sarah Blanc
Film Maker: Roswitha Chesher
Producer: Roswitha Chesher

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