Daniel  Abreu

Daniel Abreu is a dancer and choreographer, native to the island of Tenerife, where he began his inquisitive study of bodily movement and scenic expression. Moreover, during his artistic studies he also obtained a degree in psychology, something which transpires onto the deliberate poetic symbolism of his choreographies.

As a performer, he honed his dance skills in a variety of different dance companies and national dance or theatre organizations such as Provisional Danza and Matarile Teatro, and as a creator, he has amassed a wealth of experience from over sixty productions to date. These performances have been shown in many countries and their favourable reception by critics and audiences alike has led to various awards. As a result, Daniel Abreu has been one of the most renowned companies on the dance stage for years.

His company project emerged only in the year 2004, easy to forget given the sheer volume of creations and collaborations that have formed what we have come to know as the Daniel Abreu Company. As a consequence of all this creative work, Daniel Abreu has been invited to hold various workshops and courses, in which he shares his creative vision and techniques of bodily expression.

In addition, he continues to work closely on other projects with creators such as Fattoria Vittadini, Zagreb Dance Company, Nomadas Company, 10 & 10 Danza, Titoyaya Company, and Zawirowania Theatre, amongst others. In 2011, he also became part of a prestigious group of artists in the European programme called Modul Dance.

In 2018, he is named the artistic director of Lava Dance Company, resident contemporary dance company of Auditorio de Tenerife, where he created the awared Abisal.

Amongst the many awards received throughout his extensive career, the most important are the National Dance Prize 2014 for Creation, awarded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, the Prize for Best Director at the Indi-Festival of Santander 2010, the Jury’s Award for Best Choreography at the XVIII Choreographic Contest in Madrid 2015, the AISGE Foundation for Outstanding Dancer, certificate for attendance of the American Dance Festival 2005, received under the auspices of the XVIII Choreographic Contest of Madrid 2005, and mentioning as Best Dancer at the IV Choreographic Contest of Maspalomas, 1999.

He also received other awards: Max Award for Best Choreography, Best Dance Performance and Best Male Dancer with La Desnudez. And his last work Abisal created for Lava Dance Company, received Replica Award for Best Dance Performance, Best Sound Design and Best Costume Design.

In 2015, he was awarded the title of “Favourite Son” (Hijo Predilecto), by the Town Council of Matanza de Acentejo, Tenerife.

Daniel Abreu - Headshot - Tipperary Dance Festival 2022
Appearances at  Tipperary Dance

14th Oct

Daniel Abreu

14th Oct

Daniel Abreu