Clara Imhoff

Clara Imhoff started her dance education at the Balletschule Theater Basel, where she learned the bases of classical dance. That is where she developed her interest in neoclassical works and techniques. To pursue her studies, she moved to Frankfurt am Main, Germany, to start the Bachelor in Dance program at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst. With teachers such as Dieter Heitkamp, she learned about contemporary dance and improvisation to expand her horizons, whilst continuing to work on her ballet techniques with former Forsyth Company members.

In the frame of the university, she got to dance works by Ivan Perez, Jirì Kylian, Marie Wigman and William Forsythe, amongst others. This diversity of styles inspired her to get curious and keep looking for what suits her best, physically and personality-wise.

Clara is interested in all of what art offers: music, theatre, painting, crafting. She believes it to be essential to her artistic development to find inspiration from the world around her. She orchestrated multiple cross-disciplinary pieces such as “512 Vaches”, where she used poetry as her primary choreographic tool. She presented her works within the frame of different festivals and open scenes, and aspires to continue to do so.

In her professional career, Clara also focuses on sharing her knowledge and teaching youth, allowing young dancers to start their dance journey on a healthy, curious and sharpened foot.

Clara Imhoff Portrait by Nicholas Crepea
Appearances at  Tipperary Dance

Residency at Tipperary Dance, supported by our partner Tanztendenz

Clara Imhoff
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