15 minutes

This event is presented as part of a Triple bill in the Spotlight Ireland 2021 programme

The performances will take place at Kickham Baracks Church. The meeting point for this event is at South Tipperary Arts Centre, at 4.15pm sharp, where you will be led by the Festival team to the Kickham Barracks.

Independent artistic endeavours can be solitary, taxing and even overwhelming, and that's before getting into the studio to start the creation. What happens when we share the challenges of such a creative process? A shared space, physical and otherwise, can become a place of connection, of support, of motivation, allowing our vulnerabilities to flow and doubts to subside.

SOLO-ing explores how different sensibilities can sit beside each other, intersect, overlap, contradict or hold each other up. Intertwining these explorations, SOLO-ing presents tales of embodied imagination and personal storytelling in dance.

Performers: Lucia Kickham and Marion Cronin
Collaborators: Marion Cronin, Nerea Gurrutxaga,Maria Mercedes, Flores Mujica

Kindly supported by the Arts Council of Ireland, Tipperary Dance Platform and Grand Studio Brussels.

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Lucia Kickham
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