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National Dance Platform Ireland showcasing the work of:

Amir Sabra
Zoë Ashe-Browne
lsabella Oberländer & Fearghus Ó Conchúir
John Scott - Irish Modern Dance Theatre


The National Dance Platform Ireland  takes place on the 13th and 14th of October in County Tipperary, in the context of the 14th edition of Tipperary Dance International Festival.


The National Dance Platform Ireland is an encounter where Ireland-based dance artists, programmers, curators and promoters are invited to meet. A way of getting to know each other, and reveal the creative energy that bubbles up in this particularly forward-looking country, which is so central to the European Union despite its very peripheral geographical location.


The National Dance Platform Ireland showcases performances by emerging and established Ireland-based artists. This year, Zoë Ashe-Browne, Magdalena Hylak, Isabella Oberländer & Fearghus O Conchuir, Liz Roche, Amir Sabra and John Scott are all invited to showcase an extract of a piece, or work in progress of their brand new work. The programme includes public showcases, roundtables and multiple opportunities for informal encounters between artists and curators.


Pre-booking is mandatory
Warnings: The work Tearmann Aiteach/Queer Sanctuary contains Nudity
Age: 15+
Running time: 90 minutes

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Amir Sabra
Zoë Ashe-Browne
Isabella Oberländer
Isabella Oberländer
Fearghus O'Conchuir- Tipperary Dance Festival - Choreographer Headshot
Fearghus Ó Conchúir
John Scott- Tipperary Dance Festival - Choreographer Headshot
John Scott
Amir Sabra 24_1920x895
Within This Party
by Amir Sabra

Within This Party is an improvisational dance performance based on the Palestinian traditional dance "Dabkeh" and hip-hop dance. The show attempts to search for a creative way to build and choreograph.

"I try to find the personal/intimate within the collective. Do you know how, when you watch someone doing breakdance, we say he has a style although he is doing the same movement as everyone else? It is the same with Dabkeh or any other dance form. In my work I try to drop the technique (the collective) and keep the style (the private). I do it with music and dance. In this show, I use Palestinian traditional music with a collective way of dance on it. But as a dancer, I always create my own way to move within it." - Amir Sabra




Choreography & performance: Amir Sabra
Producer: Stereo48 Dance company


Created with the support of the MA in Dance Performance programme, at The Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick.

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Zoe Ashe Browne_DSC8737_lo
Brave to Quit You
by Zoë Ashe-Browne

This short duet was specially commissioned by Opera Ballet of Flanders for the International Day of Dance 2023. The soundscape used is by Irish music duo The Cope. The theme of the work is the break down of a long term partnership and how much bravery it takes to leave something that fits but is no longer fulfilling.


Choreography: Zoë Ashe-Browne
Dancers: Brent Daneels and Lara Fransen
Music: The Cope
Costumes: Mikio Kato

Photography: Nicola Wills


Commissioned by Opera Ballet of Flanders.
Financially supported by the Arts Council of Ireland, Dance Ireland, Dance Limerick and Culture Ireland.

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Tearmann Aiteach/Queer Sanctuary
by Isabella Oberländer & Fearghus Ó Conchúir

Tearmann Aiteach/Queer Sanctuary is part of an ongoing exploration of queer flourishing and solidarity. It’s a developing choreographic process, in which we practise and perform how to create malleable spaces that support emergent identities. It is a dance project that has grown out of the aligning of the two separate artistic practices of Isabella and Fearghus. Their dancing asks what arrangements of support and desire are available between these queer bodies and others as we gather.

Isabella and Fearghus have been in creative conversation with other queer artists, including fashion designer Gregor Pituch and performance maker and dramaturg, Luke Pell. In this performance, they will be creating a space for transformation, exchange and spritely sparkle.

In creating spaces for queerness and queering, it is not so much about trying to establish fixed borders that have to be protected, as a space of specific care and attention. These are spaces of sanctuary made from relationships, open to shift, but no less precise in the moment.


Choreography/Performance: Isabella Oberländer and Fearghus Ó Conchúir
Fashion Design: Gregor Pituch
Dramaturgy: Luke Pell

Photography: Nigel Enright


With the Support of the Arts Council, Dance Limerick and Dance Ireland


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John Scott actions15_1920x895
by John Scott - Irish Modern Dance Theatre

ACTIONS (now) is a physical conversation between two individuals in an empty space. Two outstanding male dancers merge and break apart - the painful coming together – a forceful resistance to merging, where the breaking up is the movement’s ulterior motivation.

The dance material is a battle through the space using physicality, lifts, falls, text and sound, the dancers alternately throwing their bodies together to then fragmenting into threads of raw movement.

ACTIONS (now) is funny, tender and human; it is performed like a ’work in progress’ – the dancers are both engaged in a task of executing difficult and exerting dance while also, in an act of self-reflection, they comment on the dance and their states of mind.

The original movement material was developed with Lorcan Roche, Marcus Bellamy and Marc Mann in 2009. In 2023, John Scott has created a new version of ACTIONS - revised from the original source material – with a next generation cast and their contemporary physicalities.


Choreography: John Scott

Dancers: Borris Charrion and Toon Theunissen

Music fragments: Meredith Monk and Michael Galasso

Photography: Chris Nash

Irish Modern Dance Theatre is strategically funded by the Arts Council of Ireland with additional support from Dublin City Council, Dance Ireland and Culture Ireland.


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