Romain Guion

Romain is a dancer, performance-maker, pedagogue and cultural manager with a 20-year career in the performing arts. He trained at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse in Paris before joining renowned international dance companies such as Charleroi-Danses, National Dance Company Wales, Dance Theatre of Ireland, John Scott’s Irish Modern Dance Theatre, Gelabert-Azzopardi Companyia de Dansa, Eun Me Ahn Dance Company, Staatstheater Mainz and Les Ballets C de la B.
Alongside his performing career, Romain collaborates in the creation of dance, music, theatre and opera productions (Coup Fatal and C(h)oeurs 2020 by Alain Platel; Danse Macabre and Goodbye Johnny by Martin Zimmermann; Sehnsucht, limited edition and Dancing Bach by Koen Augustijnen; Bienvenue by Eugénie Rebetez; Orpheus by the freie oper zürich). In 2018, Romain took part in the Venice Biennale performing the solo Animale choreographed for him by Francesca Foscarini.
Since 2000 Romain has been transmitting his knowledge of contemporary dance and choreography by leading dance training and movement laboratories all around the world. Eager to support the international artistic community, Romain is on the board of directors and curator of LUCKY TRIMMER, a Berlin-based platform for short performance. He is the curator of the professional training and workshop program at Tanzhaus Zürich as well as the artistic coordinator of The Field, a Zürich-based dance collective. In 2019 Romain received a cultural award from the city of Zürich for his contribution to the local dance scene. In 2021 Romain completed a Master in Arts and Cultural Management with a focus on environmental sustainability in the European contemporary dance sector.

Romain Guion - portrait
Appearances at  Tipperary Dance

07 Oct

Francesca Foscarini
Romain Guion

08 Oct

Romain Guion