Flora/Fauna Project

Flora Fauna Project is a production house rooted in dance and music led by choreographer Maria Nilsson Waller and composer/videoartist Stace Gill (The Sei.). The artistic duo joined forces in 2017. Since then FFP has grown in to a far reaching series of work, workshops and talks focusing on nature, natural intelligence, evolution, metamorphoses, gender and sexuality, community and social dreaming.

Maria Nilsson Waller is a dance artist, choreographer, teacher and designer. She has been working freelance across Europe since 2004, and is since 2009 based in Dublin. Over the past 10 years her work has been presented at a number of venues in France, Sweden, U.K and Ireland, through a.o Dublin Dance Festival, Cannes Jeune Ballet, Estrad Norr, Firkin Crane, Dance Limerick and Project Arts Centre. She was elected Hoffnungsträgerin 2015 by Tanzmagazin, and was a Dance Ireland Associate Artist 2013/2014. She is currently Dance Artist in Residency at D-Light Studios, Dublin.

Maria Nilsson Waller portrait
Appearances at  Tipperary Dance