18M8L Project 18 Months 8 Locations

The project 18M8L is promoted by an alliance of five Italian dance production organizations (KLm, Chiasma, Collettivo Van, Spellbound, Tirdanza) in collaboration with a network of nine European festivals, spaces and companies in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Birmingham, Cologne, Geneva, Leipzig, Marseille, Tipperary. Through a calendar of visits to foreign partners, thematic working tables and discussions, a cross-disciplinary artistic research process and a series of digital events, 18M8L intends to establish new and deeper relationships with places and communities, to trigger new cooperative forms and exchange processes by involving the dance ecosystem in designing new sustainable and inclusive models. The project receives the support of the Boarding Pass Plus project by the Italian Ministry of Culture.

18M8L portrait pattern
Appearances at  Tipperary Dance

08 Oct

18 Months 8 Locations: 18M8L