VITAMINA Residency at Tipperary Dance

VITAMINA in Residency at Tipperary Dance

We are delighted to welcome VITAMINA to a two-week residency in Tipperary from 27 June to 5 July!

VITAMINA is a trio formed by Alessandra Ferreri, Matteo Sedda and Joshua Vanhaverbeke,characterised by a particular interest in the representation of the obscene and the display of excess in all its forms. They consider trash as a fundamental aesthetic category that inspires their work, defining it as a key to understanding everyday life and contemporary times. The notion of surface, of the pornography of the image, also accompanies their reflection, orienting their interest into popular culture and its derivatives on online platforms. Scrolling, the irrepressible gesture of moving from one image to another, is at the origin of their first creation NeverStopScrollingBaby.

Residency at Tipperary

Coming all the way from Grand Studio, Brussels, VITAMINA will work on the dramaturgy of ‘_PIXELS_’ which is part of a larger research project that tries to evaluate and understand the impact of the digital age on our lives and society. With their first project, “NeverStopScrollingBaby”, they analysed the act of scrolling as a metaphor for the great acceleration of our time. With ‘_PIXELS_’, VITAMINA are pushing their research to the limit between the organic and the virtual.

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