Tipperary Dance is looking to develop its  Board of Directors

Tipperary Dance has grown in recent years. Since 2008 we have  built a unique, boutique festival attracting the very best of international dance artists to Tipperary and presented 55 performances of original dance pieces from 12 countries including Argentina, Canada, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany and more. The founders of Tipperary Dance, Alexandre Iseli and Jazmin Chiodi, have performed their own original work 119 times in 13 countries.

We have worked with 2,578 children from 38 schools from 25 towns across Tipperary, and with 1,831 Tipperary people in 126 classes, providing work for 59 dance teachers; we have built an international network of dance organisations and agencies in Tipperary and have been acknowledged by the European Dance Network as a case study of best practice for relevance in the European dance sector; we have  positioned Tipperary as an international centre for the development of contemporary dance.

To protect this extraordinary body of work and this invaluable cultural infrastructure in Tipperary, we have brought all this work together under the umbrella of Tipperary Dance Company Limited by Guarantee. We are now inviting people to volunteer as trustees/directors to oversee and guide the development of the work over the next decade.

We welcome people with who love dance, and come from a range of disciplines. If you are interested in volunteering with us as trustees to guide us on our next stage of development, and developing your board experience, then please contact us at info@tipperarydance.com

We are inviting people with experience to join us as:

  • Company Secretary
  • Trustee with financial management experience
  • Trustee with fundraising leadership experience
  • General trustees from a range of disciplines including HR, marketing and communication, community engagement & development and legal.


The board will meet approximately 6 times a year, and there will be sub-committees from time to time.  We look forward to answering any of your questions in detail and to chatting about our future plans. Please, find more information on these roles below.


Company Secretary

We are inviting people with experience as a company secretary to join us as we expand our work in the years ahead.

The specific aim of this role is to help drive the development of Tipperary Dance by supporting good governance through the organisation and ensuring compliance with relevant codes and legislation.

The Company Secretary will:

  • Oversee compliance and administration around governance, including:
    • maintenance of governing documents
    • compliance with Charities Governance Code and other relevant codes in collaboration with the board management
    • identifying potential governance issues and solutions
    • maintenance of the register of trustees.
  • Convene board meetings, set and circulate agendas, take and circulate minutes at quarterly board meetings, and record board decisions
  • Prepare AGMs and keep relevant records
  • Prepare papers for induction of new board members

Collectively, as part of the board of trustees, the company secretary will help shape the overall governance and strategy of Tipperary Dance in the years ahead.

Financial Management

We have an exciting opportunity for a Trustee with financial management experience to join our board. If you have an understanding of finance and financial management in the not-for-profit sector, experience with the financial policies and controls pertinent to not-for-profits, and knowledge of compliance and risk management in not-for-profits, then this will be of interest to you and we would love to meet you.


We have an exciting opportunity for a Trustee with fundraising leadership experience to join our board and assist us in the development of our fundraising strategy and initiatives, and to guide us in the development of our funding network.

General Trustees

We want to meet with people who love dance and come from a range of disciplines (including HR, marketing and communication, community engagement and development, legal) and are interested in volunteering with us as trustees to guide us on our next stage of development.


Tipperary Dance is home to an international community of dancers. We invite people to come together in Tipperary to create dance, to perform dance, to think about and develop dance, and to learn dance. We are a rich network of people that includes school children and teachers, people in local community groups, professional dancers and choreographers in Ireland, and international dancers, choreographers, development agencies and producers. We are an artist-led, and art-focused organisation, grounded in the practice and values of hospitality, community, collaboration and sharing. We develop and deliver an exciting and extensive programme of work in Tipperary, and internationally, working with local schools, communities, and with national and international professional dancers and dance organisations, as well as programming the annual Tipperary Dance International Festival.


Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash


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