Tipperary Dance Board of Directors

The recently incorporated Tipperary Dance Company Limited by Guarantee held its first board meeting in Thurles, County Tipperary, facilitated by John O’Brien.

Participants (left to right):

• Brownell O’Connor (board member): Engineer, PhD in international business. Entrepreneur, global business Director. Director of customer service, EMEA & JAPAC at Oracle.

Mary Wycherley (board member): Curator, Dance Artist, Choreographer, Filmmaker. Co-curator of Light Moves Festival.

• Roisin Putti (board member): LL.M.(InternationalLaw), Master. Legal and policy analyst, in the areas of human rights, equality, artistic freedom, immigration policy and humanitarian law. Policy and Research Analyst at Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission.

• Alexandre Iseli: Msc biology. Choreographer, Dance Artist, Curator and programme manager. Co-founder and Artistic Director of Tipperary Dance.

• Jazmin Chiodi (board member): MA Festive Arts. Curator, Choreographer and Dance Artist, co-founder of Tipperary Dance. Artistic Director of Dublin Dance Festival.

Absent from the picture:

• Dylan Quinn (board member): MA in Peace and development Studies. Choreographer, Dance Artist. Artistic Director at Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre.

• John O’Brien (consultant and facilitator with overall leadership of the Tipperary Dance incorporation process): MSc. Business and Management. Independent strategy and policy consultant.

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