Sara Reyes (Tenerife LAV) in Residency at Tipperary Dance

We are delighted to announce that Tipperary Dance will host Sara Reyes from Tenerife LAV in June to further explore her project Diamantes (Diamonds).

Diamantes is a dance practice that began in 2020 and has occasionally become a performative work. The initial phase of the work was developed during an artistic residency in La Cresta, Tenerife Espacio de las Artes (TEA) in 2020 and continued in 2021 as part of the programme Danza en Breve at the Teatro Leal.

The work began with the study of forms, modes and attentions in the field of dance composition. Diamantes is inspired by the Diamond Theory (of the philosopher and mathematician Rudolf Kaehr) and the work of the dancer Martin Kilvady to develop a body practice. Following an immersive study period in his studio in Brussels, I developed a methodology based on the elaboration of maps that try to bring together certain elements and the relationships between them. I work with the modulation of landscapes or fields that provide a specific corporeality and forms that become concrete through the relationships between them. 

In 2023, Diamantes Vol. II is a continuation of this exploration, its methodology and its sensibility. This will be a period of observation to question what the practice opens and how it is practiced; reflecting on the performative possibilities of the work, letting the elements come forth, and exploring the tools necessary for this practice to be shared. Diamantes Vol. II aims to explore its own transcendence, its erosion and its durability.

Diamantes Vol. II is a body practice that takes up little space, but once it unfolds, you can’t predict its scope; its direction is always to explore.



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