Lisa da Boit (Grand Studio Brussels) in Residency at Tipperary Dance

We are delighted to announce that Tipperary Dance will be hosting Lisa de Boit and Natalia Blanch from Grand Studio Brussels in 2023.

During the residency they will be working on Manos Respirando:

Our proposal is a continuation of a collaboration we started in 2018 in research around engagement in art.  A first step materialized in November 2019 with the creation of  “Stanche mani”, performed in Brussels at the Théâtre de la Vie.

The initial desire was to leave each of our own mediums (visual arts / dance) to find a meeting ground around common questions:

– What is our place in this world, what answers can we bring as human beings and artists?

– What posture can we still assume to feel coherence in front of ourselves?

The challenge of the “Manos Respirando” project will be the linking in space of two languages with gestures, actions, temporalities, relations to almost opposite movements and displacements. 

The quest is the same: the place where dialogue is possible, where we can surpass ourselves, welcoming complex and contradictory reality.

In the search for this place, we will be guided by the poetry of John Berger, Alejandra Pizarnik, Emily Dickinson, Kate Tempest, among others.

We will work on the movement back and forth between drawing/painting, dance and words; on physical and invisible space. Poetry will take shape. Then, when there is no more body, the physical work will remain as testimony to the attempt at dialogue, the resolution of tensions, the creation of links.

These words by Aliocha Wald Lasowski (L’art meme, 3rd Quadrimestre, 2022, p.71) sum up the deep intention of our collaboration: “Create, dream, imagine, invent, through the sensibilities of body and mind, allows you to place connections in the world. Propose lines of union between poetry, image, dance, movement, drawing, politics, desire, utopia”.”


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