Justine Doswell Photo by Martin Mai

Justine Doswell in Residency at Grand Studio, Brussels

We are thrilled to see Justine Doswell joining a residency with our international partner Grand Studio, Brussels, July-August, 2022. Justine will work with collaborators Justine Cooper, Tamzin Jade O’Garro and Vasiliki Stasinaki.

“I am thrilled to have been given this opportunity to be resident at the Grand Studio Brussels in partnership with Tipperary Dance. I’m already looking forward to the new opportunities and directions this will open up within my current collaborative choreographic investigations. To live and work outside of my usual environments without the distractions of everyday life, will provide me with dedicated and undisrupted time to continue to research, refine and further develop work with my collaborators, Justine Cooper, Tamzin Jade O’Garro and Vasiliki Stasinaki in an new and invigorating environment.

This I am sure will stimulate other possibilities, new connections and directions in my work, allowing me the time, space and freedom to focus and also reconsider, question with my collaborators. Outside of the studio it will enable me to meet, engage and exchange ideas with new people and artists based in or passing through Brussels, a vibrant, diverse and international centre of contemporary dance, a city that attracts dance artists and makers from all over the world. Belgium was also the first place of my professional journey in 1991 and for this reason this opportunity holds an extra special significance for me.

Thank you Tipperary Dance.”

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