30 minutes
A Tipperary Dance commission, premiering at Tipperary Dance Festival

This event is presented as part of a Triple bill in the Spotlight Ireland 2021 programme

The performances will take place at Kickham Baracks Church. The meeting point for this event is at South Tipperary Arts Centre, at 4.15pm sharp, where you will be led by the Festival team to the Kickham Barracks.

Exploring Personal Insight to a state that examines what it means to exercise self-government and sovereignty over one’s territory: Body, Soul and Environment. We use this opportunity to dive into the known unknown, asking questions hoping not for an answer but for a response - using Street dance, Voice and Music to aid proposing these questions.

Choreographer: Tobi Omoteso
Performers: Tobi Omoteso, Sly Sode
Musicians: Jacob Wolfe, Jared Nadin

Ayè is a Tipperary Dance Commission funded by the Arts Council of Ireland under the Arts Grant scheme.

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Tobi Omoteso - Tipperary Dance Festival - Choreographer Headshot
Tobi Omoteso
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