Tipperary Dance International Festival, 12th edition 
From 06 to 16 October, Tipperary Dance International Festival presents more than 40 performances and events by national and international artists, in 15 venues and 10 towns across Tipperary, transforming libraries, theatres, schools, churches, galleries, cinemas and museums into spaces for encounters, discussions and the exchange of ideas.
Director's note 

It’s time. Time to gather again and enjoy dance… in venues. It’s time to practice together. To share moments side by side, face to face.
Time to think about change.
When I was a dancer in La Rochelle’s National Choreographic Centre, people used to approach us after the performance to express their gratitude for providing them with a physical experience. I understood then that dancers are gatekeepers.
We are guardians, by proxy, of a basic need: a space that many of us can hardly afford to keep alive. Most people work so hard to sustain their livelihood that they have little or no time for themselves. Dancers (try to) dedicate most of their time to the luxury of just being effective living organisms.
Attentive to our bodies’ perception, intelligence and efficacy, we are always mindful of how we use our anatomy, trying to optimize it by practicing running, jumping, feeling, falling. We play with the endless ways of living an embodied life.
Our purpose, when we perform, is to include you, the audience, in this journey: to move you by moving ourselves.
Have you noticed that, since the pandemic restricted our movements, a striking number of commercials started featuring dancers? Dancers are not only a symbol, they are the real and very needed physical gatekeepers of a world that is steadily disappearing.
For us, dance is always social, always shared, always relevant, never trivial.
Tipperary Dance international festival 2021 aims to be a dedicated space and time where you can discover dance in a million ways. We hope you can take the time to feel with us what we do best: including you in a shared embodied practice to face the future, and the unknown…

Alexandre Iseli