Parliament of the Future at Clonmel Junction Arts Festival

A two-day laboratory for 14-17 year olds, taking place on June 30 and July 1 at CTI Gym in Clonmel in partnership with South Tipperary Arts Centre and Clonmel Junction Arts Festival.

Conceived and mentored by Javier Cuevas, artist and dramaturg, in collaboration with Irish DJ Clodagh McCann.

Parliament of the Future is a participatory, performative and audio-visual concept that invites young people to imagine and project their knowledge into the future, following their intuition and making propositions to shape the time to come.

We use the metaphor of Parliament, as a meeting of representatives of the people where public affairs are discussed and attempts to solve them implemented.

Participants are invited on a journey into the future through body practice, music and words, in which they discover the thread and thrill of shared experiences, the power of intuition and of their knowledge (even if non-expert) that must be considered in order to imagine and shape the future.

30 June and 1 July at CTI Gym, Clonmel, 10am to 1pm

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