Rising Voices

Giving our people a voice

August 4, 2022
Rocío, entry 2, 21/06/2022. "What is it to love?"

To trust

To share

To touch the skin

To feel each other at the same beat

To respect the loudness and the silence

To get a new family for a short period of time

To understand new jokes (or new dreams…), new ways, new personal and shared spaces

To do the dishes when the other one is busy

To think “they will be stuck in an emergency, so I better bring more toilet paper”

To speak different languages and the same one, with words, or without them

To unwind

To “let it out of my head”

To be the nest for another

To be that place where someone can unwind

To trust that if we need, that nest is there.


No .

Love is five people looking for a cat.


June 3, 2022
Rocío, entry 1, 25/02/2022. First day with Oscar.


First day with Oscar



– Exercise 1.

No no, not an excercise. A task. Task 1:

(Original in Spanish. Read below it for translation in English)


El cuerpo tiembla, cada tanto, y la garganta se cierra. El torso se contrae, se retuerse, se dobla. La cabeza se agacha (aunque a veces se cae hacia atras), y las manos golpean y aprietan fuerte.

Se siente un eco, que aturde, y cuando no aguantas mas, el suspiro de alivio. Largar afuera, soltarlo todo, hasta que empieza de nuevo. Sos vos, es ella, el… no se sabe. Alguien dispara y BOOM, todos de nuevo. A enroscarse a doblarse a romperse de una puntada la costilla a acalambrarse la mandibula. En grupo, rompiendose la costilla por 58 minutos. Y todo eso, que podria ser la imagen del horror, es Risa.


English translation:

The body trembles, every now and then, and the throat closes. The torso contracts, twists, bends. The head ducks (although sometimes it falls backwards), and the hands hit and squeeze hard.

There is an echoing, dazing feeling, and when you can’t take it anymore, the sigh of relief. Releasing it all, letting it out, until it starts all over again. It’s you, it’s her, it’s… you don’t know. Suddenly someone shoots and BOOM, everything starts all over again. Curling up bending over cracking the ribs cramping the jaws. In a group, cracking our ribs for 58 minutes. And all of that, which could be the image of horror, is laughter.


– Task 2:

Now we remember and we communicate. We try to listen… sometimes we can’t. The noise is too loud, a sound that doesn’t allow us to hear the sounds. I close my eyes in an effort to relax, I cover my face in an attempt to leave my skin stretched. It works for a bit. After a while, we are all in sync.

Is the end there?

We don’t even notice.

June 2, 2022
After a start, 01/06, Javier

Road, conversation, points of view, coincidences, resonances, desires.

A collection of tasks, stolen and invented practices.

Almost brand new bodies, curious minds, a life ahead.

Thinking in Spanish, speaking in English, dancing in all languages.

A sound to start a movement.

To clean the world, to be a filter, to emit a long and luminous note.

Muting judgement, awakening attention, many tasks at the same time.

Roy’s place, multiple dimensions.

Taking time for materials to arise.

Telepathy all the time.

The body wide open.

A note for a hole.

Warming the orifices, making the skin vibrate, getting to know the other with the mouth, assimilating with the ears, looking for support, moving the chords.

To find without searching.

To know each other in the wondering.

To wish to know.

Not to desire, not to produce, not to expect anything.

To displace beliefs, to find oneself.

A rigorously updated pattern for total freedom.

Who am I in this context?

The things I do before I think.

Refreshing the tasks.

Tuning the silence.

Laughter like fouettés, like Dervishes, like shooting stars falling from the void into the void.



A space for transmission and care.

For eroticism.

For humour.

And the colored girls go “Doo do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do…”

It’s my party.

And I cry if I want to.

And Ravel’s bolero.


May 11, 2022
Rising Voices Artistic Statement

Rising Voices is driven by the urge to ‘give people a voice’. Rising Voice embraces Voice as both the vehicle and the content of expressive forms, the activator and reflector of body states.
The RV project will embark on a journey exploring Voice from its initial bodily vibration to its intellectual and social expansion.
The body is placed at the source of a process of embodied experimentation, awareness and conceptual formulation: experimenting to find a personal voice. Finding a personal voice to develop an artistic voice. Bringing this artistic voice into the social arena to express a civic voice.

The theme will be explored from three viewpoints, through the specific expertise of each of the artistic collaborators:

1. INNER VOICES AND MOVEMENT RELEVANCE: under the guidance of Alexandre Iseli. Exploring and understanding how to initiate and connect dance movement with a genuine impetus. Initiating gestures and shapes from a place that generates empathy and impacts audiences, to build together a sensitive, interconnected and relevant approach to dance movement language.

2. VOICE IN MOVEMENT: under the guidance of composer and voice specialist Oscar Mascareñas, using the physical vibration and articulation of the voice to put the body in motion. Working on relationships between voice and movement to create a deep level of attention to self, maintaining that connection into the dance movement.

3. SOCIAL. Dramaturge and community practitioner Javier Cuevas will contribute to the metabolise the outcome of the dance & choreographic practice into awareness and words, helping to extract the interpretative layers and to elaborate critical thinking. This is necessary to formulate and clarify the artistic discourse of the work.

By deeply rooting each participant in the project, this process looks to create a space of shared value, a source of meaningfulness, immediately perceptible in the work.

Rising Voices will produce an emotionally engaging artwork that will fully express the unique beauty of each individual voice.

April 3, 2022
Rising Voices 2022

Rising Voices is a new experimental interdisciplinary space dedicated to artistic research, creation and professionalisation, with an emphasis on collective work.

The project has engaged three young dancers via an open call audition, giving them the opportunity to gain professional experience and pursue their transition into the professional world.

One of the main aims of this project is to develop a long-term vision approach, focused on relationship building, in-depth experience through practice, finding one’s voice, the construction of relevance through movement, and the elaboration of meaning-making through active dialogue and discussion.

Dance research, under the artistic direction of Alexandre Iseli, will be informed by voice practice sessions led by Musician-Composer Oscar Mascerañas, and in close collaboration with Artist-Dramaturg Javier Cuevas.

Rising Voices will lead to the production of a new contemporary dance piece, followed by a series of performances at Clonmel Junction Festival Dance Limerick, DanceHouse and Tipperary International Dance Festival, and the creation of a dance-film.

Rising Voices is embedded in a synergy of local and national partnerships including Clonmel Junction Festival, The Source Arts Centre, DanceHouse, Dublin, and Tigh Roy Ionad Cultúrtha, Tipperary.